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Property Management
We have a Full Service Property Management Division staffed by licensed and qualified personnel who are well trained to take on the responsibility of managing your investment for maximum return.  A few basic services we provide are:

Marketing: We have a reputation for offering Maximum Exposure for our rental properties through Internet Listings and other resources. 

Leasing:  Our Property Manager is the primary authorized Leasing Agent.  He will take care of the large amount of paperwork required to ensure that your investment is protected and in compliance with applicable State, Local and National Housing Laws. 

Walk-thru Inspections: Regular visual checks of the properties are done to ensure that there are no lease violations causing damage or maintenance issues needing to be addressed.

Maintenance:  Once a maintenance item has been identified we will coordinate the repairs with the necessary vendors, if funds are available, we will pay these costs out of the rents received. Large expense items will be discussed with owners prior to repair, unless unique emergency situations arise and we cannot reach an owner.

Tenant Screening:  We will abide by all Fair Housing Laws in our tenant screening. As part of our screening we have an application process which includes criminal, credit and eviction reports to select the best tenant for your property.

Eviction: Unfortunately, even with our screening process there is always a chance that a problem may arise. We will always try to find a solution. However, when a tenant does not cooperate, we may have to resort to eviction. Where eviction is necessary we will work with you through the court legal system aiming for a peaceful removal of the tenants.

Accounting: Within 10 days of the end of each month, proceeds checks will be issued to owners. Soon after, you will receive a monthly statement detailing the income and expenses year-to-date. By January 30th we will provide you with a 1099-MISC IRS statement to file with your taxes, for prior year income and expenses. All monies are kept in a separate trust account as required by law.

What makes us different? You do! The Client is our number one priority.
Property Management

Looking for a Rental?

Today’s rental and leasing prospect thinks beyond the standard apartment living concept. That’s where we come in. 
We manage a large and growing inventory of properties, and although San Angelo has a very vibrant rental market we will do our best to find you a "seat for your saddle".

We understand the importance of finding the right home to meet your needs. As a leader in this market, we use our knowledge and experience to provide specialized attention to detail in both property management and rental assistance. Through our vast pool of resources, we help you find the ideal place to call home. 

There’s no need to look any further … you’re in the right place. At Coldwell Banker Patterson Properties, we consider you family from your very first call. Welcome home!

Please call our office for a current list of available or coming soon properties.

Property Management

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